Gallery I


Juan Hernandez
 8" Tall 5" Wide
Metepec, Mexico
Lady of Gudalupe Tree of Life

Milagros Cross
13" Tall 9" Wide
Jalisco, Mexico
Wood Carving

Antonio Pedro
14" Tall 8" Wide
Oaxaca, Mexico
Religious Folk Art


Gabino Reyes
 14" Tall 10" Wide
Oaxaca, Mexico
Wood Carving Virgen Guadalupe

Milagros Double Heart
6" Tall  6" Wide
Michoacan, Mexico
Religious Folk Art

Manuel Cruz
9" Tall 3" Wide
Metepec, Mexico
Saint Jude Wood Carving




Tin Work Niche
15" Tall 10" Wide
Guanajuato, Mexico
Religious Folk Art


Our Lady of Guadalupe Medal
1" Tall 2" Wide 8" Long
Jalisco, Mexico
Silver Plated Virgen de Guadalupe  


Holy Mary of Guadalupe Cross
 11" Tall 8" Wide
Oaxaca, Mexico
Clay Virgen Guadalupe  


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