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Our Lady of Guadalupe
, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe , is one of the most loved and revered figures of the Catholic faithful.  La Guadalupana, the Guadalupan as so many lovingly call her is the Patroness of the Americas.

Our Lady of Guadalupe's image has played a very important role in Mexico's history. Don Miguel Hidalgo carried a flag with her image representing the Independence Movement in 1810 and the rebels’ battle cry was “Long Live Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

For centuries the people of Mexico and Latin America have created fascinating folk art expressions of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe: magnificently decorated retablos and bultos, amazing trees of life, impressive paintings, charming ceramic figurines, fabulous candelabra, delicately carved wood figures, tinwork to mention a few..  Skilful artists transform wood, clay, tin and paper into wonderful  Virgin of Guadalupe sculptures or "bultos".

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